Foodie Mom Cooks

Cooking Rule#1.. If at first you don't succeed, don't order Pizza-try again!

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Foodie Mom Bakes

Baking is simple.. If in doubt? Bake a Cake.

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Foodie Mom Crafts

Being Creative is not a hobby, its a way of life.

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Foodie Mom Clicks

Every dream will come true; all you have to do is click them.

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News & events

1 Apr
Let's favor the month of April and the colorful season with Healthy Stir-fries.

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Foodie Mom!
Hey there!
I'm Durga Arivan, the Foodie Mom, Thanks for stopping by my Kitchen.
Secrets of the tasting palette, that sweet aroma in the air, best of which is it's not store bought! Its home made!